Thank you all, you wonderful folks, for the many great suggestions --
I'm passing them on to Gala, my co-worker.
Much appreciated!


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Different drugs have different absorbtion rates.  We could not do
transdermal prozac wth Peepers because we could not tailor the dose
reliabily when given through the skin.  If your vet prescribed a certain
med, ask the vet at thaty time if transdermal is an option.

Laura Mostello <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

        Just curious, can other drugs be made into creams to be used in
the ear? I have a 24 pound foster cat with a bad URI, and he had to
spend a week at the vet (at a cost of over $300) because I absolutely
could not give him oral meds. Can this be done with Clavamox or Baytril?
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        > That is also what I did with Cody, we started with the most 
        > commonly used of the drugs (amytriptaline), we tried 2 or 3
        > before 
        > trying the prozac, they all helped but only the prozac
        > stopped it 
        > completely.
        > > I tried amytriptaline (that's probably spelled
        > wrong!) on Ruben for 
        > > inappropriate urination.....I now believe that it was
        > his first signs 
        > > that something was wrong with him internally....
        > > My daughter used the same drug (we had it compounded
        > into a cream we 
        > > could rub into the ear...pilling was out of the
        > question) on one of 
        > > her male cats...her cat became more calm, but I'm
        > not sure it 
        > > completely solved the problem.
        > > I have heard people are having great results with the
        > plug ins that 
        > > release certain pheremones that are calming, but I
        > haven't tried them 
        > > yet myself.
        > > Good luck, it's one of a cat owner's biggest
        > problems!!
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        > Belinda
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