Kathryn, I am so sorry about Smokey.  I know how much you wanted him to
make it.  Don't reproach yourself too much (I know you have to a little,
20-20 hindsight is  what we humans do best) for causing him pain trying
to take care of the mouth sores.  You were doing what you could to be a
good mom, and we often have to do things they don't like for their own
good.  Gentlest of Bridge vibes to Smokey.  I know he knows how much you
loved him, and maybe he will guide you to another kitty who needs you.
Brava for wanting to find one who's been passed by, I always worry about
the older ones who aren't kitten-cute anymore.  Hugs.
Diane R.


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I am so sorry to have to write this. We lost our sweet little Smokey
cat. When I took him to my vet before we left on vacation she told us
that the sores in his mouth were caused from the virus and that he was
suffering. She said  there wasn't anything that could be done. I just
couldn't believe it because I really thought he was doing so much better
and that the sores were from herpes, which I explained to her. She said
no, sometimes these sores are caused from the decease and that he was in
great pain. Every time I think about the times that I cleaned his little
mouth it breaks my heart because I now know how much I was hurting him.
I was as gentle as I could be but I thought I needed to keep the sores
doctored and I really didn't realize how much pain he was in. Stupid me,
I thought I was helping him and that he was getting better. 

After some time goes by, I plan on going to a rescue facility and
adopting a cat. I will try to get a little cat that has been passed by,
maybe a little older one, I don't really know, I figure I will know when
I see him/her. Thank you for all the information and support. You all
were a great source of information and support.


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