It occurred to me last night that I did not take the time to properly say my 
condolences for the lost kittys such as Melina. It saddens me whenever a little 
animal leaves us and my thoughts are sincerely with their owners. I've been 
kind of?preoccupied with Smokey. I really understand how these guys can effect 
you, I think it's because they are so innocent and, like Smokey, are so 
trusting. Every time I go to pet him, which is a lot, he purrs, even though 
he's not feeling great.

I will be gone for six days on a previously planned vacation, (bad timing, I 
know). However, he will be staying with my vet, I'm really hoping that she can 
get his ulcers cleared up. I absolutely will get him on lysine. Just one more 
question?if you all don't mind:?Do I get it in liquid form or is it a powder? 

I'll email when I return to give an update. Can you send pictures on this site? 
If so and if it's appropriate, I can send a picture of Smokey.

Thanks, again,

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Wendy I am doing ok.Thanks for your concern.I really had the urge NOT to go to 
Sids tonight.But my heart dragged me there as usual.Not the same without Melina 
there.She was the first one I would look for and then I would carry her around 
and do the cat check head count.I fell for that baby girl the second I laid 
eyes on her.

Also keep Jaws in your prayers,he is not doing so well.Another one that wins 
over your heart as soon as you meet him.

Thanks so much,


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How are you today?? I hope you're doing better.? I'm sorry about Melina.? 




"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the 
world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"???? ~~~ Margaret Meade ~~~ 

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First of all I want to thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts for 
this beautiful baby.The aweful disease was way too much for her this time.She 
was a VERY spunky little girl.My heart aches without her in my life.I need to 
keep telling myself that I gave her so much love that she was happy until the 
end.I will miss her little loving head butts and rubbing her sweet face on 
mine.Ok now the tears are coming out. :( Once again thank you all so much for 
having to listen to all my sadness.But I also get ALOT of goodness out of these 


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