I'm sorry that you had such an awful experience with Boo. My husband and I take 
care of special needs cats and it can be very heartbreaking. I think it is 
great that you will contact the Humane Society about this new kitty as it is 
obvious he is being neglected, at the very least. Hopefully he will not test 
positive and a good home can be found for him. 


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Michelle, when I purchased Boo I was told he had his vaccinations.  I loved 
this cat so much I just wanted him at any cost and didn't bother asking for 
proof.  When we took him to our vet to be cleaned up we found out he was 
positive.  From that point on it was all downhill.  Within 2 weeks we were 
taking him to have his lungs aspirated because he couldn't breathe. He was put 
on interferon but the vet had told me it was probably too late.  He was 
scheduled for a blood transfusion but didn't make it to that point.  I was so 
hurt and angry I called the Humane Society and told the field worker that they 
were selling all of their Himilayans because the owner could no longer take 
care of them due to illness and I was worried about other people running into 
the same problem as we did.  He investigated them and told them they were 
responsible for informing any other new owners of the possibility of their cats 
being infected.  I don't know what happened.  He did come to my place as well to
 see our Snowy as is their policy to make sure we were suitable owners.  He was 
not at all happy with Boo's owners as they played ignorance and basically 
accused us of causing his problems and insisted he was healthy when we got him. 
 Well he wasn't and I'm certain they knew this.  I will call this man and tell 
him what is going on and he will go and see them.  He warned them he would be 
back.  I have seen this cat in the window almost daily on my way to work but 
obviously they have let him out and he has been in fights.  Boo was a very 
gentle smallish guy and no doubt got the disease from another cat in the 
neighborhood.  Honestly if this cat were to test positive he would be better 
off dead than to live with them.  They do not believe in vets and he would die 
a horrible death like Boo did.  Our humane society has loosened their policy of 
euthanizing all positives and some of the shelters now take them.  This cat 
seems to be quite frisky and definitely needs to be groomed and have
 his nails trimmed for sure.  I will not let him wonder the neighborhood and 
like I mentioned, if he comes around again my husband has decided to call the 
field worker, have him tested and I'm betting we could have him if we wanted. I 
will call this man tomorrow and let him know what's happening.  He will pay a 
visit to them and examine the cat.  He has to if I lodge a complaint.  I live 
in Ontario Canada and most of the shelters in my city are full so if he is 
positive I'm not sure what would happen to him.  I can only pray he isn't and 
just needs a good home where people take care of him.

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Hi Lynne,

It sounds like the poor guy really needs some medical attention. Is he tame? 
Where do you live? Is there any way you can keep him in a pen or something and 
just get him tested for Felv? If he is positive he could spread it to all the 
other cats in the neighborhood. If you consider getting him tested I can help 
you find a rescue that will take him. If he is not positive than you can keep 
him if you want.

If those people have any other animals I think you should call the Humane 
Society and have their animals removed.


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Hi Lynne,

There is a reason you're seeing this little fellow, and I'm sure it's to help.  
But give yourself a little time to breath and make the decision on how to 
handle the situation, especially considering what you went through with BooBoo. 
 It doesn't sound like you need to make the decision right away.  Give it a 
little time and it will come to you.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the 
world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade ~~~ 

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Subject: [Felvtalk] like seeing a ghost

Most of you know about my experience with BooBoo, the Felv positive who died 
after owning him for only a month.  It was without a doubt the most tragic 
thing I have ever been through in my life..  Not long after that we got a 
rescued persian Snowball who was neglected and in foster care for 4 months 
because she was so ill.  She has feline herpes virus, not active and is 
absolutely thriving now.

Tonight my husband calls me out to the front yard, and who is sitting there?  
BooBoo's son.  I don't know if he is Felv positive or not.  Just as BooBoo was, 
he has sores on his head, matted fur, dirty ears and most likely fleas.  I feel 
like I'm experiencing our tragedy all over again.  If I knew he was not 
positive, I would take him inside right now and those despicable people would 
never see him again.  Odd how he has chosen our house to han g around.  The 
owners were warned about taking care of their cats and I know all I have to do 
is call this field worker at the humane society and he will come and pick him 
up.  I just don't know what to do.  I could never subject Snowball to any harm, 
not after what she went through prior to living with us but I don't want to see 
this little guy suffer either.  If this kitty is Felv positive, perhaps a 
rescue would take him.  I simply could not afford the emotional and financial 
devestation we experienced watching BooBoo die.  I'm totally co
nfused right now.


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