that is such great news, sue--doxy is one of those scary drugs, to me,
because it is SO strong, but damn, when it's used in the correct way for the
correct conditions, it WORKS. this is a perfect example of the relationship
we deserve to have with our vets--a PARTNERSHIP--they can't know everything,
and because we have the ultimate impetus to learn the details of specific
conditions affecting OUR companions, we often have access to alternative
information that they just haven't had the reason to come across. being open
to what other vets HAVE learned, or what we have found in our wanderings is
what matters--as with human medicine, WE are the consumers, and if our vets
won't work with us, we need to find new vets.

i'm SO glad that buzzy's numbers are climbing.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 11:41 AM, Sue Koren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I just spoke with Dr. Tom about Buzzy's latest bloodwork.  He has gone from
> 8 when he was first diagnosed to 11 last Tuesday and Saturday he was 18.  It
> is because of the advise of the people on this list that I demanded the
> Doxycycline from the vet. The Doxycycline in combination with the prednesone
> that Dr. Tom put him on has ment that Buzz still has his life.  He will be
> loved and spoiled for as much time as he has, and here's hoping it is years!
>  Thank you everyone!
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