Our vet alters without vaccinating FeLV+ cats.
We never vaccinate FeLV+ cats.
We always alter them.
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On Aug 6, 2008, at 8:43 PM, Marylyn wrote:

> Some vets  honestly believe vaccinations are in the best interest of  
> the pet and her guardian.  Dixie received s rabies shot before her  
> tests came back.  There was no reason to suspect that she was FeLV 
> +.  She was full grown and appeared very healthy.  That was the last  
> vaccination she received and that was with the blessing of her vets,  
> both the regular vets and her holistic vets.  Check out the comments  
> and links by Dr. Maier at the bottom of the page:
> http://www.kentuckianapets.com/forum/topic/show?id=1246639%3ATopic%3A1517
> We over vaccinate pets in our loving desire to protect them.
> You are your friend's guardian and advocate.  He cannot stand up for  
> himself.  He is literally at your mercy.  Do what your heart says is  
> best with the best information you can get.
> On Aug 6, 2008, at 8:13 PM, Jennifer wrote:
>> Really?  I had no idea vets didn't need to vaccinate in order to  
>> neuter/spay.  I guess it's their way of getting more money.  I will  
>> run that by my vet and tell him I don't want Ash to get any shots  
>> because of his FeLV+ status, and see what he says.  See, that's the  
>> thing that bugs me.  Vets are supposed to be animal advocates and  
>> do what's right by them, and surely they know that giving FeLV+  
>> cats vaccines isn't the best thing to do for their immune  
>> system...yet they do it anyway!  It all comes down to the mighty  
>> dollar.  Ugh!
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>> He most assuredly can be.  I have had non-FeLV+ spayed (much more
>> serious) without their vaccinations.  Talk to the vet and if you  
>> can't
>> do anything find another one.  I just took LCK and LGK to the vet to
>> be checked out (they came in from the pine thicket--long story).   
>> They
>> went in at different times.  They are young (8 or so weeks) but at  
>> the
>> age people start getting their shots.  I made it very plain that I
>> wanted nothing but worming, de-miting/fleaing etc and what they  
>> needed
>> for their immediate health (one was dehydrated, vomiting etc).  I  
>> want
>> them to be older and better health before their system is assaulted
>> with vaccines.  The vets agreed to that and (unofficially) supported
>> the decision.  If he is not boarding the vet has absolutely no reason
>> to vaccinate.
>> On Aug 6, 2008, at 7:12 PM, Jennifer wrote:
>>> So wait...my Ash is FeLV+ and getting neutered on the 28th, but he's
>>> going in for all his shots on the 14th.  He needs to be fixed
>>> because he's spraying and I can't have that.  He can't be
>> fixed
>>> without his vaxes.  What should I do?
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