Hi Giselle,
Glad to hear that Pixie is doing so well!

I would drop Nutro like it's on fire! It's better than some foods, but it's
still FULL of ingredients that our kitties are not designed to eat.
Remember, cats are obligate carnivores, so they have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for
grains! They need MEAT, and a little, tiny bit of vegetable matter. If they
do eat these foods they were never meant to eat, over time, it shows. Their
bodies have to "deal" with these products that they don't know how to
digest, which takes it's toll on the body. Especially the "filtering" organs
like the liver and kidneys as they have to filter out the toxins. Arthritis,
allergies, kidney/liver disorders, you name it.

The BEST thing for our kitties is a natural, raw diet of meat, bone, and a
little bit of veggies. Yes, it's a bit more work than opening a bag of food,
but remember that these commercial foods were created to be a convenience to
pet owners and food produced for convenience are rarely, if ever,
nutritionally adequate. I'll be honest, raw feeding can be VERY intimidating
at first, but then you'll get the hang of it. There are also Yahoo groups
that can help you prepare a nutritionally-balanced diet. Contact me off-list
if you'd like more info.

Like I said, the BEST food for an animal is a home-prepared raw diet. Second
best would be a commercially prepared raw diet. Then a home-prepared cooked,
then a canned food only diet, and at the bottom of the list would be dry
food only. If you MUST feed a dry food, go for Innova EVO, Wellness CORE,
Nature's Variety (Prairie) Raw Instinct, or another grain-free cat food.
These are somewhat better than grain-filled cat foods, but they are still
HIGH on carbohydrates, and have FAR more carbs than our kitties can process.
Whatever you do, stay far, FAR away from the best-known brands, like Science
Diet, Iams/Eukanuba, Purina, Friskies, Meow Mix, etc. These companies spend
so much money on advertising that there's really no money left over for the
actual food, so they are about the lowest quality you can find. Well,
actually, vet-prescribed diets are the lowest quality, but that's another
rant all-together!

Orange County, CA
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