Primal Raw is as easy as opening a can.  The freezer bag contains  
small cubes of meats and some veggies.  I added organic veggies that  
were rich in iron and/or vitamin c to it (Dixie loved vegetables).  I  
am vegetarian and, while I have cooked for my critters, it is a lot  
easier to do the Primal Raw.  When I am sure the kittens are doing  
well, they will be converted to it.
On Aug 8, 2008, at 1:23 PM, Sabrina wrote:

> Hi Giselle,
> Glad to hear that Pixie is doing so well!
> I would drop Nutro like it's on fire! It's better than some foods,  
> but it's
> still FULL of ingredients that our kitties are not designed to eat.
> Remember, cats are obligate carnivores, so they have ABSOLUTELY NO  
> NEED for
> grains! They need MEAT, and a little, tiny bit of vegetable matter.  
> If they
> do eat these foods they were never meant to eat, over time, it  
> shows. Their
> bodies have to "deal" with these products that they don't know how to
> digest, which takes it's toll on the body. Especially the  
> "filtering" organs
> like the liver and kidneys as they have to filter out the toxins.  
> Arthritis,
> allergies, kidney/liver disorders, you name it.
> The BEST thing for our kitties is a natural, raw diet of meat, bone,  
> and a
> little bit of veggies. Yes, it's a bit more work than opening a bag  
> of food,
> but remember that these commercial foods were created to be a  
> convenience to
> pet owners and food produced for convenience are rarely, if ever,
> nutritionally adequate. I'll be honest, raw feeding can be VERY  
> intimidating
> at first, but then you'll get the hang of it. There are also Yahoo  
> groups
> that can help you prepare a nutritionally-balanced diet. Contact me  
> off-list
> if you'd like more info.
> Like I said, the BEST food for an animal is a home-prepared raw  
> diet. Second
> best would be a commercially prepared raw diet. Then a home-prepared  
> cooked,
> then a canned food only diet, and at the bottom of the list would be  
> dry
> food only. If you MUST feed a dry food, go for Innova EVO, Wellness  
> Nature's Variety (Prairie) Raw Instinct, or another grain-free cat  
> food.
> These are somewhat better than grain-filled cat foods, but they are  
> still
> HIGH on carbohydrates, and have FAR more carbs than our kitties can  
> process.
> Whatever you do, stay far, FAR away from the best-known brands, like  
> Science
> Diet, Iams/Eukanuba, Purina, Friskies, Meow Mix, etc. These  
> companies spend
> so much money on advertising that there's really no money left over  
> for the
> actual food, so they are about the lowest quality you can find. Well,
> actually, vet-prescribed diets are the lowest quality, but that's  
> another
> rant all-together!
> Sabrina
> Orange County, CA
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