Does anyone here know of a group of some sort or have any ideas what I can try 
next? First of all my fiv+ girl has been diagnosed with IFLUTD ( idiopathic 
feline lower urinary tract disease) back in April when she started piddling on 
my bed.Well after being on Amitryptaline for awhil(,which was supposed to help) 
but did not.She still pees in her sleep and sometimes just sitting there. She 
has been checked for bladder infections,crystals,growths etc.Dr. Jen aid she 
has ran all the tests that she could. :(  I am SO frustrated.This morning I was 
startled awake with pee trickling through my legs.She must have fell asleep on 
me.I have pads on the bed that she usually lays on,but my feet must have been 
in the way and she likes to lay on me.She acts fine otherwise,just does not 
have control of her bladder. :( Any thoughts on this? I am trying to get hold 
of a doctor at the Cat clinic here that I am going to ask,but I really cant 
afford to bring her there. I
 spent thousands thee on my Maizee a few years back.Thanks in advance.

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