Thanks for your input Marylyn.I have a mattress pad on there,one of the first 
things I bought when it all started.I also have a water proof one at the foot 
of my bed on top,I got tired of washing my bedding every other day,especially 
having to go to the laundromat. :( I have used Cosequin or Dasequin for my fiv+ 
boy with mouth issues,but stopped,seemed to not make a difference. I will have 
to look into that for this problem. I believe one of the vets at the Cat Clinic 
is a holistic vet.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Urinary issues
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2008, 9:35 PM

See if you can find a holistic vet.  There may be some supplements you  
can use.  Somewhere I read had cosaquin stregthens bladder  
muscles.....I have no personal knowledge but am a big fan of holistic  
medicines, especially when the regular vets are out of ideas.  There  
are nice mattress pads that have a vinyl back (I just put one on my  
bed from K-Mart because of the kittens--ferals are not as easily  
trained as I would like :).  Also there are pads dogs can  
wear....wonder if she would wear them?
On Aug 14, 2008, at 8:29 PM, Sherry DeHaan wrote:

> Does anyone here know of a group of some sort or have any ideas what  
> I can try next? First of all my fiv+ girl has been diagnosed with  
> IFLUTD ( idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease) back in  
> April when she started piddling on my bed.Well after being on  
> Amitryptaline for awhil(,which was supposed to help) but did not.She  
> still pees in her sleep and sometimes just sitting there. She has  
> been checked for bladder infections,crystals,growths etc.Dr. Jen aid  
> she has ran all the tests that she could. :(  I am SO  
> frustrated.This morning I was startled awake with pee trickling  
> through my legs.She must have fell asleep on me.I have pads on the  
> bed that she usually lays on,but my feet must have been in the way  
> and she likes to lay on me.She acts fine otherwise,just does not  
> have control of her bladder. :( Any thoughts on this? I am trying to  
> get hold of a doctor at the Cat clinic here that I am going to  
> ask,but I really cant afford to bring her there. I
> spent thousands thee on my Maizee a few years back.Thanks in advance.
> Sherry
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