Diarrhea is a serious problem. It can result in death. 
It can be from something as simple as parasites and as serious as intestinal
cancer. Can be from food allergies or IBD. More info here:

Most vets prescribe metronidazole (flagyl) which is not expensive. I am not
a fan of it but it's usually the first thing my vets prescribe.
Food trials can get to the bottom of a food allergy (no test for food
Untreated diarrhea can lead to break down of the follicles in intestine that
do the work of moving the bowels and the cat will never have normal stools.
This happened to one of my cats ~ that is why I urge you to get him to a
vet. Maybe friends or family would help? Even if you could get a few people
to donate five or 10 dollars, that would help. I doubt it will be more than
a vet visit and meds. Some vets take credit cards.

In the meantime please give the unflavored pedialtye. I am sure you know
that cats can go into liver failure if they go more than 48 hours without
proper nutrition.

RE the eyes, if you give the wrong remedy, it can make things worse. I would
never treat an eye without vet supervision. Please find a way to get him to
the vet. These are both serious issues if left untreated. 


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Will only take him to the vets as needed.  I am a little worried because he
is a bit thin and has the runny stools that he might have some type of
deficiency.  He might need it this time just to see where he stands.  He
hasn't seen a vet since he was fixed.

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