Good for you for taking care of Kiwi--he sounds like a spunky little guy.
Whatever you do for him is more than most would have done and we all just
try to do the best we can depending on our circumstances.  I have 2 FELV +
and one, Romeo, absolutely freaks out if I have to take him to vet.  I've
only done a few trips with him because of that--it would be good if I could
get him there more regularly but the stress to him is not worth it.  He's an
older guy and I know with him, I have to watch his teeth/gums as he's prone
to infections.  My other FELV+, Tucson, is more mellow about going to vet
but still finds it pretty stressful.  I know with her, if she turns her nose
up at food, something's going on and I need to check her white blood count. 

I made a decision based on their personalities, etc. that the very best I
could do for both of them was to give them some decent food, keep them safe
at home, etc.  I know them well enough to sense when something is up.  You
shouldn't have to bring Kiwi for regular blood tests and I don't bring mine
in for "yearly" checkups.  Save vet trips for when you know something's
really not right...  If vet prescribes meds, have him give u a prescription
and consider buying online or even at regular drug store--oftentimes, meds
are cheaper that way.  Maybe for the diahrea, start by bringing stool sample
for testing to vet first.  Its cheaper and this way if you do have to bring
Kiwi in, he'll have some ideas about what is or is not going on.  

In the meantime, get him to eat anything that he'll keep down and make sure
he has plenty of fluids--water, water from tuna can, moist "people" food
like chicken, etc.  Try not to change the food he eats too often--if you
have to, mix the old food w. the new as change of food can also cause
diahrea.  Look around for some really good food for him--doesn't have to be
the most expensive food but watch for fillers that don't have any
nutritional value.  If he eats chicken fine, then maybe supplement dry food
with cooked chicken--and it doesn't have to be chicken breast--my guys LOVE
the dark meet I peel off chicken legs, etc.    

Christiane Biagi

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Will only take him to the vets as needed.  I am a little worried because he
is a bit thin and has the runny stools that he might have some type of
deficiency.  He might need it this time just to see where he stands.  He
hasn't seen a vet since he was fixed.

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