Another remedy - our rescue normally does a drop or two of Revolution  
on the back for kittens - can get fleas and internal parasites.  I  
also buy Panacur for $8 at the Farmers store, and give a little bit  
(1/4 cc) to kittens for parasites.   I buy homeopathic anti-diarrhea  
tincture in a small bottle for $8-10 at the health food store and use  
it for some forms of diarrhea.  I like the canned pumpkin for diarrhea  
too, sounds like a great first thing to try for the baby.

Best of luck,


On Aug 24, 2008, at 2:55 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Will only take him to the vets as needed.  I am a little worried  
> because he is a bit thin and has the runny stools that he might have  
> some type of deficiency.  He might need it this time just to see  
> where he stands.  He hasn't seen a vet since he was fixed.
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