Revolution also claims to kill fleas. It is not the best for ear mites since
they have a 3 week cycle and if you do repeat the Revolution, it's repeated
at 4 weeks. Here is an exchange I had with a vet regarding Revolution:

(VET)Well - I would probably just address each problem separately - use an
oral dewormer for the worms and an ear mite medicine that is put directly in
the ear.  That vet probably carries a product called accarex which is a
one-dose ear mite medicine.   That is what I would prefer to do anyway. :)
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What would you recommend instead, please. I would prefer not to overkill.

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Hi Laurie. I am happy to hear that Zoe recovered alright. About Revolution -
it is an ok product if you have a cat that truly needs treatment all of the
things that Revolution covers.  I am not crazy about it and don't use it on
my cats - it covers everything but doesn't seem to really cover anything all
that well (and it is expensive).  I have had a large number of clients
complain that they were not impressed by its ability to control fleas.  When
it first became available 5 years ago or so - the clinic that I was working
at did an experiment to see how truly efficacious it was against internal
parasites ("worms") - we were not impressed and after that little in-house
experiment did not rely on it for that purpose.  It is probably better
suited as a preventative tool than a curative tool for established problems.
If you just have ear mite issues and deworming needs - I guess Revolution
wouldn't be my first choice of treatment.  

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It is Revolution that claims to kill roundworms and hookworms (and ear
mites, and protects against heartworms).  Tapeworms you need a different
dewormer for.

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> Wellness is cat food.
> Check out for info about canned wellness.
> It's sold by Mother Hubbard ~ you can buy at retailers or order online.
> I recommend chicken or turkey canned. Best to avoid fish and any with
> grains.
> Parasites that live in the intestine will not be killed by Frontline flea
> treatment.
> L
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> What is wellness.  It's sounds a little familiar.
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