Internal med specialist suggested the SNAP and if it came back Positive, to
do the bone marrow test. Both she and general practice vet said it would be
good timing to test now. I am pleased to tell you Tessa tested negative for
FeLV and FIV. However, she had a flea...and had been treated with Frontline
in August. SO I am discouraged because at least one of my other cats has
flea allergies. There is a new med that you give the cat every other day
that kills the flea as it starts to bite. She will have that for 5 doses.

BTW Tonya, thanks for responding. I, too, no longer vaccinate for FeLV. My
cats have had several annuals following the first dose and booster. My
general practice vet believes that the first and booster and one annual are

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Most people will probably suggest another test, but I would be satisfied
with another snap test.  If all your own cats are negative and vaccinated I
doubt there would be a problem.  (Seriously doubt. like 99-1) even if she
tested positive and you mixed her with adult vaccinated cats.  
  Also, when I say my adults are vaccinated I don't mean that they are
vaccinated yearly.  When they were kittens they got their first dose and a
booster.  Then I vaccinate again the 2nd and 3rd year.  After that, I don't
vaccinate them anymore.  And I've never had the virus transferred even
though I've brought in several positives.

Laurieskatz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  I rescued a mama kitty and one kitten 2 months ago. 
Both mama and kitten tested negative for FeLV August 3.
Mama stayed at vet office for 19 days. Lots of cats go through there because
she is low cost SN who works with rescue. 

Mama has been at my house in a two room suite (with 2 sets of doors between
her and my cats) for a month. I am taking her to local vet tomorrow for a
check up (she has had a big belly since arriving....has lost some of it with
controlled feeding). I want to make sure she is healthy before exposing her
to my five negatives. I am hoping to keep her. She's pretty timid and has a
tendency to bite while she is grooming me so I worry about placing her in an
adoptive home.

I plan to have her tested for FeLV a second time tomorrow. Should I do the
SNAP again or the one that tests bone marrow? Is 30 days in my house long
enough or should I wait longer? She was in a cage at vet's office but the
high cat traffic does concern me.


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