Hi Kelley
   Funny thing about the heart.... I knew my blood pressure was high
for 15  or 20 years but never did anything about it... I was probably
in better shape half way through my hospital stay than I have been
in a long time... I do every thing that I did before except for a new
diet and $300 a month for pills I probably am a lot better than I would
have been...
The other thing is if you take in 33 FeLV+ cats in 5 years the 9 that I
now have are probably the 1/3 that can live for 8 or more years so I
guess its time I started getting my numbers down.... As things are now
they will all stay here but just no more new ones....

Kelley Saveika wrote:

>OMG.  I am so sorry to hear about your heart attack.  I wish you a
>speedy recovery.
>On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:02 PM, Tad Burnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Hi Susan
>>  Every one has orange kitties lately...
>>I just brought home a young orange boy a couple months ago
>>and discovered I was having a heart attack the next morning...
>>4 days in the hospital... I currently have 9 FeLV+ and 12 seniors
>>and am learning to say NO....
>> In the mean time there are 4  6month old orange kittens in eastern Mass.
>>that are running out of time.... Help....

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