That's really good news!! We've seen a lot of pos. moms and many of the kittens 
are negative. And on occasion we had a negative mom (on three tests) have 2 
pos. kittens out of five. the rest were negative. We learned then we had to 
test every kitten every time, no matter what. that was a long time ago, and 
we've seen what you have experienced with  your kittens recently in a nearby 
humane society to us. Mom positive and kittens negative each time tested. they 
are older now and were adopted. Good luck! Carmen> Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 
23:48:33 -0400> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: [EMAIL PROTECTED];> Subject: [Felvtalk] ALL KITTENS NEGATIVE !!!! 
YIPPE !!!!!!!!!> > This is a story that I am hoping will give those of you who 
have a positive> Mom, with a litter of kittens, some hope!> > I was told by so 
many rescues and cat related people and vets etc that> because Mom tested 
positive, the kitten would no doubt be also.> > I was also told by the rescue I 
am working with, that the loner I could wait> to test them, the better chance 
they have of *throwing it off* and they get> it in their system from the mom's 
milk.> > Well, on October 13th, they *ALL* tested negative !~> 
So..............there is hope for kittens of positive Mom's !> They were born 
between June 20th and June 27th, so waiting until October> gave them lots of 
time....... and it worked! Thank goodness.> > You can see lots of photos of 
them and read the story here on my forum. I> have the most gorgeous photos of 
each one by themselves in the bottom> post........ The first post has the story 
about them and videos of them.> > Enjoy is a wonderful 
outcome and I hope it encourages> anyone who needs it :) :)> >>
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