Hi all,
My FeLV foster kitten, Daisy (about 14 weeks old now) has had soft
stools, and sometimes uncontrollable diarrhea, ever since she was found
in the street at 3 weeks.
When I began fostering her about 5 weeks ago she had been taking meds
for coccidia for several weeks without improvement. I took her to my
vet, who has state of the art everything, including feces-testing
methods, and he found that her coccidia had cleared up (it never
actually goes away) and what she had was (bad) bacterial growth. He put
her on a 3-meds treatment plan that included 5 days Panacure. 
She has control now, but her stool is still baby food consistency. 
My question is---have any of you ever used an exclusive diet of broiled
or raw chicken to treat a *kitten's* diarrhea/loose stool? 
I've used it successfully with my former adult FeLV, Snoball, but I'm
worried about the effects of an incomplete (albeit temporary) diet of
this kind on a kitten.
I'd also welcome hearing of any other successful ways that anyone may
have found in treating kittens' loose stools.
Kerry M.

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