This is a story that I am hoping will give those of you who have a positive
Mom, with a litter of kittens, some hope!

I was told by so many rescues and cat related people and vets etc that
because Mom tested positive, the kitten would no doubt be also.

I was also told by the rescue I am working with, that the loner I could wait
to test them, the better chance they have of *throwing it off* and they get
it in their system from the mom's milk.

Well, on October 13th, they *ALL* tested negative !~
So..............there is hope for kittens of positive Mom's !
They were born between June 20th and June 27th, so waiting until October
gave them lots of time....... and it worked!  Thank goodness.

You can see lots of photos of them and read the story here on my forum.   I
have the most gorgeous photos of each one by themselves in the bottom
post........  The first post has the story about them and videos of them.

Enjoy is a wonderful outcome and I hope it encourages
anyone who needs it :)  :)

Pamela Myers
Quote from various consumers! <sigh>
"I called the Pet Food Company and they said their foods are 100% safe"
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