Please check with a holistic vet if that fits into your belief system  
and feed the absolute best diet you can.  It does not have to be the  
most expensive, but one full of vitamins (C especially--grind up  
veggies and mix with the food).  Avoid grains.  Stick with this  
group.  People don't always agree and belief systems vary but the  
information and support is great and will help you find your way.
On Nov 15, 2008, at 8:17 AM, Pat Kachur wrote:

> Hi Lisa - In my opinion you are doing the right thing.  I have 7  
> cats; one,
> who I adopted in July 2007 at about age 5, is positive.  My other  
> cats are
> all adults.  I discussed thoroughly with my vet, who said the  
> vaccine is
> more than 90% effecttive and that it is very unlikely my healthy  
> adult cats
> would be affected.  So, a year and four months later--all are  
> healthy.  The
> positive cat has no symptoms, other than being deaf (which may or  
> may not be
> caused by the leukemia).  I am very glad that I did what I did.   
> Mandy (the
> positive kitty) is the most wonderful, loving kitty I have ever had.
> Pat
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> Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2008 8:47 AM
> Subject: [Felvtalk] So now what?
>> My kitten tested positive on his IFA test. My vet told me I should
>> keep him isolated, or euthanize him. I couldn't do the latter, and
>> isolating him ... well, I think that would just stress everyone out
>> even more. So after calling a good friend while sitting outside of
>> the vet's office last night, in tears, he's still with me, with my
>> other cats, and I'm treating him for his diarrhea. My other cats have
>> been vaccinated - my girl had her booster last month, and my other  
>> boy
>> is going in on Thursday for his booster. He's the one I'm concerned
>> about. He's the absolute LOVE of my life. But he's the picture of
>> health, and I intend to keep it that way.
>> Please just tell me that I can do this ... that I'm doing the right
>> thing.
>> Lisa
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