as you've gathered, lisa, this is NOT the group that's gonna tell you your
options are limited!

i think we were all scared the first time we made that leap into mixing
positives with negatives, even tho there is so much evidence that the risk
has been horribly overestimated.....  there are no guarantees, of course,
but there are so many things you can do--that have already been
suggested--to enhance the home environment for everyone--to keep your family
safe and secure.

we can't stop loving one another just because one of us might get sick and
die sometime, after all.

everyone who hasn't done so yet, PLEASE PLEASE add your vet to belinda's
list of enlightened professionals at -- so that we
can keep saving the ones we haven't even met yet.


Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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