Lisa, I don't think any of us can tell you what is the right thing to do.  I 
rescued 2 dumpster kittens early this year.  Both were kept in the garage until 
vetted.  Both tested positive.  Then I rescued a 3rd kitten from the colony.  
She tested negative.  I kept Sissy and Rocket in the garage until I was able to 
give Stormie all her shots including the FeLV vaccine and booster.   I got my 
other 2 indoor kitties current on their FeLV  vaccine.  
Since it was getting hot here I moved Sissy and Rocket into my 
bathroom/bedroom.  They are both asymptomatic.  I eventually introduced them to 
my other 3 indoor kitties.  So far no problems.  
I know others on this list have always mixed their kitties while some have 
never mixed them.  Each of us has to make the decision on what is best for 
their kitties.
By the way I now have 4 positive dumpster kittens in the garage that I rescued 
this fall.  Mattie is blind, CJ only has sight in one eye and the other 2 seem 
fine.  They were 4 weeks old when I found them.  Just couldn't leave them there 
to die.  I have added a 6' x 12' chicken wire enclosure to the garage.  So far 
they are doing fine.  5 cats in the cottage is all I have room for.  I'm still 
hoping to find a forever home for Bright Eyes and Houdini.

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        My kitten tested positive on his IFA test. My vet told me I should
keep him isolated, or euthanize him. I couldn't do the latter, and
isolating him ... well, I think that would just stress everyone out
even more. So after calling a good friend while sitting outside of
the vet's office last night, in tears, he's still with me, with my
other cats, and I'm treating him for his diarrhea. My other cats have
been vaccinated - my girl had her booster last month, and my other boy
is going in on Thursday for his booster. He's the one I'm concerned
about. He's the absolute LOVE of my life. But he's the picture of
health, and I intend to keep it that way. 

        Please just tell me that I can do this ... that I'm doing the right

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