Oh, so you have him on the Immulan! My holistic vet gave me info on
that, but has never used it before, so I am still "thinking" about
it. Would you mind sharing cost info with me? 

        Tommy was started on two new medicines - DMG to boost his immune
system, and a homeopathic mixture of Engystol and Galium as an
anti-viral. I am very encouraged!
 On Tue 18/11/08 1:45 PM , Christy Buchin [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
 We just started our cat, Gray Kitty, on an holistic medication
called Ashwagandha drops, as well as, Bioplasma tablets. These are
supposed to help rebuild their Red Blood Cells. They were recommeded
by our family Vet. Also, we have him on a weekly regiman of LTIC,
Immulan injections. Our Vet had never heard of the LTCI until my
husband did a lot of research. He called the company and they have
had good results with Feline Leukemia patients. They have documented
studies. These seem to be bringing his Hematocrit numbers back up! 
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