Hi Christy,

Hope it all helps Gray Kitty get better.  If you know of any specific 
studies done on LTCI and where one could look at the documentation of those 
studies, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have heard of cases where it 
seemed to help and others where it did not. When I called them they would 
not discuss any testing results with a non-vet.  My vet called and he said 
they had very little in the way of test results.

I am upset that Imulan took over this drug (bought it from the company that 
developed it) and raised the price to a level that most people cannot 
afford.  I know they were seeking cats for a 30 day trial of LTCI, I'm not 
sure a 30 day trial will yield a valid result about the drug.


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> We just started our cat, Gray Kitty, on an holistic medication called 
> Ashwagandha drops, as well as, Bioplasma tablets.  These are supposed to 
> help rebuild their Red Blood Cells.  They were recommeded by our family 
> Vet.  Also, we have him on a weekly regiman of LTIC, Immulan injections. 
> Our Vet had never heard of the LTCI until my husband did a lot of 
> research.  He called the company and they have had good results with 
> Feline Leukemia patients.  They have documented studies.  These seem to be 
> bringing his Hematocrit numbers back up!  > To: 
> felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 08:20:33 -0500> From: 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]> Subject: [Felvtalk] Holistic vet> > I am 
> taking my kitten, Tommy, to a holistic vet this morning. After> speaking 
> with her yesterday, I am very encouraged! Like some of you> have told me, 
> she said that a separation would be too stressful on> ALL of the cats, 
> which is the worst thing for their little immune> systems.> 
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