I will ask my husband where he found all the research information.  He spent 
hours upon hours researching this as well as much as he could find on the 
Feline Leukemia in general.  Our Family vet called and spoke to one of the 
doctors there and was told that they had some very good results.  I do agree 
that the shots are costly, at $140 weekly.  We even had gone through UC Davis 
here in California, where we live and they knew nothing about the Imulan.  Of 
course, we found they did not know quite a bit.  We figured that why not try.  
As soon as I find out the specific research information, I will forward it.> 
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 
2008 15:40:46 -0600> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Holistic vet> > Hi Christy,> > 
Hope it all helps Gray Kitty get better. If you know of any specific > studies 
done on LTCI and where one could look at the documentation of those > studies, 
I would greatly appreciate it. I have heard of cases where it > seemed to help 
and others where it did not. When I called them they would > not discuss any 
testing results with a non-vet. My vet called and he said > they had very 
little in the way of test results.> > I am upset that Imulan took over this 
drug (bought it from the company that > developed it) and raised the price to a 
level that most people cannot > afford. I know they were seeking cats for a 30 
day trial of LTCI, I'm not > sure a 30 day trial will yield a valid result 
about the drug.> > Gary> > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Christy 
Buchin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> To: <>> Sent: Tuesday, 
November 18, 2008 12:45 PM> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Holistic vet> > > >> > We 
just started our cat, Gray Kitty, on an holistic medication called > > 
Ashwagandha drops, as well as, Bioplasma tablets. These are supposed to > > 
help rebuild their Red Blood Cells. They were recommeded by our family > > Vet. 
Also, we have him on a weekly regiman of LTIC, Immulan injections. > > Our Vet 
had never heard of the LTCI until my husband did a lot of > > research. He 
called the company and they have had good results with > > Feline Leukemia 
patients. They have documented studies. These seem to be > > bringing his 
Hematocrit numbers back up! > To: > >> Date: Tue, 
18 Nov 2008 08:20:33 -0500> From: > > [EMAIL PROTECTED]> Subject: [Felvtalk] 
Holistic vet> > I am > > taking my kitten, Tommy, to a holistic vet this 
morning. After> speaking > > with her yesterday, I am very encouraged! Like 
some of you> have told me, > > she said that a separation would be too 
stressful on> ALL of the cats, > > which is the worst thing for their little 
immune> systems.> > > _______________________________________________> Felvtalk 
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