And that's exactly what I've been doing! Especially the part about
giving them lots of love. :) They are all doing GREAT!! I can't
believe I ever considered euthanizing my kitten. He's so sweet! Thank
goodness I found this group! 

 On Tue 09/12/08 10:08 PM , [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
  sorry i am so late with my word of advice - been dealing with
stomach flu and sinus infections of my own. keep your baby and don't
lock him away from the others. it is too hard on them all. if you
reduce stress, feed good quality food and pick up on anything new
that could mean a problem and get them to the vet for treatment. most
of all, give them lots of love. dorlis
 ---- Lisa Borden  wrote: 
 > My kitten tested positive on his IFA test. My vet told me I should
 > keep him isolated, or euthanize him. I couldn't do the latter, and
 > isolating him ... well, I think that would just stress everyone
 > even more. So after calling a good friend while sitting outside of
 > the vet's office last night, in tears, he's still with me, with my
 > other cats, and I'm treating him for his diarrhea. My other cats
 > been vaccinated - my girl had her booster last month, and my other
 > is going in on Thursday for his booster. He's the one I'm
 > about. He's the absolute LOVE of my life. But he's the picture of
 > health, and I intend to keep it that way. 
 > Please just tell me that I can do this ... that I'm doing the
 > thing. 
 > Lisa
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