Thank you Marylyn and ALL! I have decided that I want to explore the
holistic vet option. I have been in e-mail contact with one holistic
vet in my area, and am going to set up an appointment. I may have to
wait a while for our first appointment, though. 

        He's so worth it! He's such a happy little kitten!
 On Sat 15/11/08 9:24 AM , Marylyn [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
  Please check with a holistic vet if that fits into your belief
 and feed the absolute best diet you can. It does not have to be the 
 most expensive, but one full of vitamins (C especially--grind up 
 veggies and mix with the food). Avoid grains. Stick with this 
 group. People don't always agree and belief systems vary but the 
 information and support is great and will help you find your way.
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