No, Tonya ... he has no symptoms except for the diarrhea. I took him
to a holistic vet yesterday who started him on some homeopathic
antivirals and DMG. They are also eating a high protein food - 46% -
I know there are higher ones out there but my adult cats are VERY
picky and they all like this one that we have chosen. I really like
the holistic vet. She told me to keep his vaccinations to a minimum
so as to not stress his immune system, and don't vaccinate him for
rabies. And to go ahead and have him neutered when he's 6 months old.

        He's such an adorable, loving, playful, happy kitten! And to think I
could have sent him to the bridge unnecessarily. :(
 On Wed 19/11/08 5:23 AM , catatonya [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
  He has already exposed your other cats. they are adults and
vaccinated. there is like a 1% chance they are going to get the felv
from this kitten. Wait about 3 months and retest your kitten and you
may find he is negative after all. cats test positive when they have
been recently exposed. once time has passed they sometimes retest
negative. Keep the faith! Your little one may still fight this off.
Do you see any symptoms besides the diarrhea (which lots of kittens
have!) I also would start shopping around for a more educated vet.
 take care,
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