Has the vet put her on Doxoxycline, hemobartonella is a very common 
cause of anemia and positives get it frequently.  Doxy will help get rid 
of it and if she doesn't have it won't hurt her but if she does, she 
will die if it isn't treated and the doxy may just save her life.  Has 
she even been tested for hemo and if so did your vet let you know it is 
extremely difficult to get a correct test result for it, many cats test 
negative even thought they are positive and any good vet would almost 
automatically treat a positive for it if they are anemic to be on the 
safe side.

What does the vet say is causing the anemia?  If he said the FeLV is 
causing it, run and find a new vet, anemia is NOT a symptom of FeLV, 
there are causes for it and you have to find the cause and treat it if 
that is possible, but just because a cat is positive doesn't mean it 
will get anemia and die, though you would never know if you talk to some 
vets.  Many vets are not very interactive when it comes to treating sick 
positives because they don't think they should be allowed to live 
anyway, so when they do get sick they blame whatever it is on the FeLV.


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