Cats almost never get low on iron, it does happen but not very common.  
Bailey was low when he was anemic but my vet said this was not very 
common.  Has your vet tested the baby to make sure she is low on iron, 
too much iron isn't good either.  You may try nutrivid it is a vitamin 
b, folic acid and iron supplement, CRF cats who are mildly anemic take 
it, but if the baby is very anemic with an HCT 20 or lower your in big 
trouble and more aggressive intervention is required but you really need 
to find out what is causing it and as I said before I would get the baby 
on doxy and possibly prednisolone.  Bailey got both of these but 
eventually we ended up putting him on epogen which corrected his 
anemia.  His HCT got as low as 15 but once we got him on epogen it took 
about 3 weeks to start going up and after 6 weeks it was back up to 40, 
when he passed from pancreatic cancer his HCT was still normal at 34%.

He was on epogen for months, once his HCT normalized he went from 3 
doses a week to one a week.  With out it he would have died within a 
week or two.  Epogen is expensive but Bailey wouldn't have gotten those 
extra months without it.  We suspected Bailey had cancer somewhere but 
couldn't find it, we did test after test and nothing conclusive ever 
showed up, my vet didn't feel comfortable treating it without knowing 
what kind or where.


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