Thank you!!  :o)> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 12:06:15 -0800> From:> To:> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] 
Sick FelV kitten> > Here is the link to the Yahoo Anemia group.>>  > I think there is a Yahoo 
group for just about any condition.  The anemia group is pretty active.> 
Sharyl> > --- On Wed, 12/17/08, Christy Buchin <> wrote:> > 
From: Christy Buchin <>> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Sick FelV 
kitten> To: "Feline Leukemia Website" <>> Date: 
Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 1:55 PM> > Gary,> I am sorry to hear that! Gray 
Kitty had his second blood transusion last week.> We know we can not sustain 
him this way, but we are trying to buy time. His> Hematocrit went down to 9 
when he was first diagnosed. He had the first> transfusion and it ended up 
going in the normal range of 35. He then dipped> back down to 18 and then 15. 
At that time, he had a second transfusion and he> has gone back up to 35 again. 
We are currently working with a doctor in> Michigan, who has done bone marrow 
transplants in cats. We are hoping to help> future cats with this illness. > 
There is an anemia group as well? How do I get to that one too?> I will keep 
you and your kitty in my prayers. It is just so heartbreaking!>> From:> To:> Date: Wed,> 17 Dec 
2008 08:38:55 -0600> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Sick FelV kitten> >> One of my 
FeLV cats is very anemic now and her anemia just hasn't responded> > to 
treatment, I will lose her this week as she has now refused to let me> > 
syringe feed her anymore, she has always been very good about it and about> > 
taking meds and now wants no part of it. There are many things you can try> > 
to get the anemia reversed, Epogen as previously mentioned, Immunoregulin,> > 
etc., but you may need a transfusion to give them time to work. >> 
Unfortunately, for my baby the transfusion didn't seem to do much good at> > 
all and her numbers just keep going down.> > One of my first FeLV> kittens had 
the same problem with his back legs, over a > period of a couple> of days they 
just stopped working and he couldn't pee. > Tried a lot of> different things 
but never got better and I never found out > what caused it,> please post if 
your vet finds out the cause.> > You might want to join the> anemia group on 
yahoo.> > Gary> > ----- Original Message ----- >> From: "Lorrie" 
<>> To:> <>> Sent: Wednesday, 
December 17, 2008 6:32> AM> Subject: [Felvtalk] Sick FelV kitten> > > > One of 
our FelV> kittens is very anemic. Has anyone ever tried iron> > suppliments? We 
went> back to the vet yesterday, and got her vitamins> > and iron, and hope 
this> will buy her a bit more time.> >> > She is 8 months old and only> weighs 
3 1/2 pounds. She didn't> > actually lose the weight, she just> never gained 
anymore weight> > than that, as she is also a small cat.>> >> > She recently 
lost control of her back legs and the vet isn't> sure> > this is caused by the 
FelV. He thinks it may be a neurological>> > thing...... This happened suddenly 
about a week ago. First she was> >> wobbly and then she got so she couldn't 
stand at all, and also lost> >> control of her bladder and bowels. She is still 
eating and does not> >> seem to be in any pain. Otherwise I'd put her to sleep. 
She is my> >> daughter's favorite cat, and she doesn't want to do this unless 
the>> > cat is in distress. I just wondered if any of you had ever seen this>> 
> lose of mobility in a FelV cat? Advice please.> >> > Thanks,> Lorrie> >> >> 
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