The pain and grief is horrible. We lost our Denzel 13 days ago, and I still choke up terribly when someone asks about him. I get through it in two ways. First, my five other housecats and my feral colony still need me, and they have been extra affectionate since Denzel passed. The other thing that comforts me is the knowledge that Denzel is happy now, playing in the bright fields of heaven. He loved being outside, but only got to go out for a short time each day since someone had to be with him to make sure he didn't come into contact with other cats. When I compare these two scenarios, I know that as much as I wanted more time with him, I still love Denzel too much to ever wish him back into the body that limited him so much on earth.

Know that your Benny is happy and purring up there, free from sickness and pain. You did all any cat could ask for, helping to ease his suffering while he was still here, and I'm certain he loved you for it.

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