Hi everybody,
I hope all of you are as fine as it can be.   I am writing from Rio de Janeiro, 
Brazil.  My five years old cat has been treated on AZT and interferon for 2 
years and half.  Tonight I heard that he has lymphoid leukemia.  I have been 
given him the best cat food sold in Brazil:  Hills.  And I just started to give 
him Hills for kitten and Hills A/D.  And as soon as I find an opened pet shop, 
he will start on Metacel (a medication for anemia).  The vet suggested blood 
transfer when hematocrit reaches 12,0 (now is 13,05).  I wouldn't like to put 
him through such pain.
I would like very much to hear about your experience and opinion.
kind regards,

Graça Azevedo

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