Wow, that is an extremely high cost for a transfusion, they are rip offs, where do you live? I have gotten transfusions for under $200.00. You may ask your vet about trying epogen, procrit or arsnap all help with anemia. Bailey my positive was on epogen and prednisolone when he was anemic. His HCT went from a low of 15 to 40 in 6 weeks. He remained in the mid 30's the rest of his life. He died from undiagnosed pancreatic cancer.

Do they know what is causing the anemia? Has he ever been on doxycycline for 4 weeks minimum? Hemobartonella is almost impossible to test for and many cats have been saved by being put on doxy even thought they tested negative for hemo. From other lists I'm on I know of several cats tested 4 or 5 times testing negative being put on doxy and recovering ... obviously they had hemo but were testing negative. There are other drugs in the tetroclycline family if Darcy can't tolerate doxy, doxy is just thought to work the best.

Prayers coming to little Darcy and your family.


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