We transfused our cat Gray Kitty twice now.  The lowest his hematocrit ever 
went was 9.  After each transfusion he went up to around 30-35 which is in the 
normal range, then dipped down to 18-20 where he remains.  > From: 
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everyone,> > I thought I'd let you know how the blood transfusion > 
helped/didn't help my Felv+ cat, so that if you need to > reach that decision, 
you can see my example.> > The day before we did the blood transfusion, Mr. 
Darcy's > hematocrit count was at 7 (I was told that 30 is the lowest > you can 
be and still be healthy). He was extremely > lethargic and as a result would 
eat. He lost 2 pounds in a > month (even with us assist feeding him) and he was 
> starting to catch a respiratory bug.> > Right after the transfusion, which 
cost 800 dollars and > took about 5 hours, his hematocrit was at 17. That's > 
great, but I am upset. I was thinking he'd be brought up to > a healthy level, 
not just a slightly better level. He had > perked up and he is eating turkey 
baby food now, but he > still is extremely tired and now he has balance 
troubles. > > What I am most upset with was the lack of information > from my 
vet and the animal hospital. When told about the > blood transfusion by my 
normal vet, she made it sound > like he'd be back at a healthy level and that 
it could work > for months and that it was perfectly safe. When we were > 
handing him over to the vet at the hospital, he finally told > me that Mr. 
Darcy could die during the procedure and that > it may only last a few hours, 
days. I am furious. It makes > me feel like money is more important then 
informing the > owner.> > I have decided to not do any more transfusions due to 
the > fact that he's in the last stage of his illness and going to > the vet 
really stresses him out. He won't eat for the rest of > the day and since the 
transfusion may only give him days, > I would rather have him enjoy his last 
days/weeks. So > right now, we're at the point where the most we can do is > 
get him to eat and sleep and to pet him and love him as > much as we can.> > 
Now, your cat may have a different experience, but I just > wanted to tell my 
story.> > Jennifer and Mr. Darcy> 
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