transfusions work and they don't work.  when my red count got to 3.4, the 
doctor ordered transfusions in addition to procrit.  they did not work because 
the Gemzar was wiping out my bone marrow and it could not produce cells faster 
than the Gemzar was killing them off.  the only solution was to stop the chemo. 
 i then bounced back and didn't look like a ghost.  if meds are not causing the 
low count, then i would ask a lot of questions before i would do this to my 
baby.  sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.  it is hard, you want them 
to hang on because you do not want to lose them.  that is the way it was with 
my father.  i wanted so for him to live and i think he kept trying to for me.  
finally, he just could not go on anymore.  he kept asking me if i was getting 
tired of taking care of him.  cats can't ask us if we are tired of taking care 
of them, we just have to pay attention to them and read their body language.  
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> I'm sorry, Jennifer.
>   tonya
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> Subject: Blood transfusion on Felv+ cat
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> Hello everyone,
> I thought I'd let you know how the blood transfusion 
> helped/didn't help my Felv+ cat, so that if you need to 
> reach that decision, you can see my example.
> The day before we did the blood transfusion, Mr. Darcy's 
> hematocrit count was at 7 (I was told that 30 is the lowest 
> you can be and still be healthy). He was extremely 
> lethargic and as a result would eat. He lost 2 pounds in a 
> month (even with us assist feeding him) and he was 
> starting to catch a respiratory bug.
> Right after the transfusion, which cost 800 dollars and 
> took about 5 hours, his hematocrit was at 17. That's 
> great, but I am upset. I was thinking he'd be brought up to 
> a healthy level, not just a slightly better level. He had 
> perked up and he is eating turkey baby food now, but he 
> still is extremely tired and now he has balance troubles. 
> What I am most upset with was the lack of information 
> from my vet and the animal hospital. When told about the 
> blood transfusion by my normal vet, she made it sound 
> like he'd be back at a healthy level and that it could work 
> for months and that it was perfectly safe. When we were 
> handing him over to the vet at the hospital, he finally told 
> me that Mr. Darcy could die during the procedure and that 
> it may only last a few hours, days. I am furious. It makes 
> me feel like money is more important then informing the 
> owner.
> I have decided to not do any more transfusions due to the 
> fact that he's in the last stage of his illness and going to 
> the vet really stresses him out. He won't eat for the rest of 
> the day and since the transfusion may only give him days, 
> I would rather have him enjoy his last days/weeks. So 
> right now, we're at the point where the most we can do is 
> get him to eat and sleep and to pet him and love him as 
> much as we can.
> Now, your cat may have a different experience, but I just 
> wanted to tell my story.
> Jennifer and Mr. Darcy
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