Tofu is the cutest girl, and I really want to thank Emily for giving her
such a good home.  We were first boarding her at the vet, and then keeping
her in a bathroom, and she was not happy.  I know you can mix cats, but most
of our fosters have some sort of special needs cat that is immune
compromised and it is contraindicated to vaccinate them.   So we were just
crossing our fingers we could get a sanctuary placement, and even then a
home is so much better!

So thanks Emily for giving this special little girl a real home, and I hope
you bring each other many years of joy:)

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 10:31 PM, catatonya <> wrote:

> Congratulations on your new family member!
>  tonya
> Emily Hunter <> wrote:
> After our Denzel died, I wasn't sure that I wanted to stay subscribed
> to the list since he was our only positive. I decided to stay on
> because I felt like another positive would come into our lives. Well,
> I'm a spiritual person, and it really seemed like at least a nudge
> from God when Kelley was writing about Tofu in Austin which, by Texas
> standards, is pretty close to where I live. Anyway, last Thursday this
> beautiful little girl came home with me :-)
> We're still in the adjustment period, but so far she and the other
> kitties are cautiously getting to know each other. (One of our others
> is about the same age as Tofu and they've had some fun chasing each
> other.) We should be having a wellness visit with the vet soon, to
> decide what kind of preventive treatment to start her on; unlike
> Denzel, who was pretty symptomatic his whole life, she doesn't seem
> sick at all. So a question for those who have dealt with a combo
> positive - is there anything special I need to be looking out for with
> the added FIV? From
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