Bless you for giving Tofu a loving home.

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> Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 9:08 PM
> After our Denzel died, I wasn't sure that I wanted to
> stay subscribed to the list since he was our only positive.
> I decided to stay on because I felt like another positive
> would come into our lives. Well, I'm a spiritual person,
> and it really seemed like at least a nudge from God when
> Kelley was writing about Tofu in Austin which, by Texas
> standards, is pretty close to where I live. Anyway, last
> Thursday this beautiful little girl came home with me :-)
> We're still in the adjustment period, but so far she
> and the other kitties are cautiously getting to know each
> other. (One of our others is about the same age as Tofu and
> they've had some fun chasing each other.) We should be
> having a wellness visit with the vet soon, to decide what
> kind of preventive treatment to start her on; unlike Denzel,
> who was pretty symptomatic his whole life, she doesn't
> seem sick at all. So a question for those who have dealt
> with a combo positive - is there anything special I need to
> be looking out for with the added FIV? From
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