If the conditions are that horrendous, why not go out there and *help*
them.  Pick up a shovel, broom, bleach water, whatever needs to be done.
Help them get volunteers, how many volunteers do they have?

For God's sake don't involve PETA.  They "rescue" animals only to kill them.

Don't label people as hoarders.  It is a nasty label and accomplishes
nothing.  If they are allowing you to remove animals from there by
definition they are not hoarders since hoarders will not let go of any of
their animals.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 4:51 PM, <jb...@tds.net> wrote:

> You are a wonderful group of people with knowledge and connections that are
> fantastic.  For that reason, I would like to ask for anyone's help or
> suggestions.
> There is a 'non-kill', all volunteer animal shelter in my community that is
> run by a 75 year old horder and her husband (the treasurer).  The facility
> is horrendous condition.  Feces, urine and vomit cover the floors, walls and
> cages.  Medical care is all but ignored, disease runs through the facility.
>  In fact they have felv and are ignoring it.  I have taken four felv
> positive cats out of there in less than a year.  Three have died.
> Many, many, many complaints have been made to the sheriff's department,
> only recently did we get them to present something to the DA's office, but
> they will not press charges.
> These are bad people running this facility and the animals suffer badly at
> their hands.  They claim to be a poor facility that can't afford to change
> the situation, but own 1.7 million in personal property and have recently
> received $34,000 in donations with no change in the facility.  They owe the
> government, the vet and many others.  There is deceit, poor management and
> constant animal suffering.  Does anyone know a lawyer that would be willing
> to help.  The facility is in Wisconsin.
> We have involved HSUS, PETA, ALDF, the sheriff's department, the town
> board, local humane officer.  Noone can get in to shut the place down.
>  There must be some law that can help.  Please help us help these animals.
>  The stories are horrendous and never ending.
> Thanks
> Jenny
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