I have seven cats, the youngest being Taz was diagnosed with FeLv when she 
started getting sick after about 1 month with my other negative kitties all of 
which are vacinated.  I took Taz in to get her looked at and to get her shots.  
That's when they tested her for FeLv and she came back positive.  I feed her 
stinky salmon and white tuna, some Fancy Feast kitten food and some baby food, 
whatever I can get her to eat.  She hates the Science Diet the vet recommended. 
 I'va also boiled chicken for her for the broth and meat.  I've had her on 
Imulan and have seen some mixed results but she is gaining weight, happy and 
bouncy so I'm continuing with the expensive treatments.  She also get Pet Tinic 
everyday and DMG.  I've seperated her from my other cats, which I hate because 
she was buddies with my three legged tuxedo kitty, but this was recommended by 
the vet.  She said that vacinations are not a guarantee against the disease if 
the cats are exposed to it enough. All of my kitties are indoor kitties except 
one does get outdoor roaming priviledges because it gives him a better 
attitude.  The rest of the cats get there outdoor stuff on a large screened in 
porch basically built just for them.
It's hard having a FeLv kitty because I travel so much for work which means I 
board her at the vets while I'm gone which of course stresses her some.  The 
people love her at the vet but I think it directly affects her wellness with 
regard to the blood work-up and down.
Sorry for the long diatribe.  

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