Abbey was found outside a factory, starving and very sick. Took her directly to get felv test and was positive at approx. 9 months old and was 4 lbs. She had extreme diahhrea (w/ blood in it), yeast in ears, fleas, worms, and terrible breath (she has none of her incisors). She may have been living in a feral colony, her ear is tipped. I nursed her back to health, tried fortiflora for her diahhrea, which did not work. Was put on antibiotics for it. She was sneezing quite often with lots of discharge.

She has been eating homemade raw chicken/bones diet for 4 months and diarhhea no longer exists. She has a luxurious coat.

She's been taking l-lysine and Transfer Factor (colostrum) for 3 months now, and sneezing is very minimal now. She used to cough when she purrs deeply, but doesn't do that very often anymore. I also give her Petzlife Oral gel twice a week for her teeth. She seems to be the picture of health except for being a little fat from overfeeding when I first got her, since I tried to give her all the food she wanted so she could put on weight.

She lives in a spacious bathroom, and seems extremely happy and content there. Lately I've beeen allowing my 3 other cats to visit her and she really likes them (although they are still unsure of her). I don't allow any prolonged contact between them. I really want to mix, but am still unsure. Her stress is very low. I am beginning to let her come into the hall and maybe will let her gradually come out to the rest of the house when my other cats go outside. She is approximately 1 yr 3 months now.


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Hi all, I want to ask you all some questions about your present and or past FeLV kitties, this is a personal survey to better understand the illness and how everything effects it, I would be really grateful if you all could participate! AT WHAT AGE DID YOUR CAT BECOME FeLV POSITIVE? WHAT TREATMENTS DID YOU DO/ARE DOING? WHAT FOOD DO/DID YOU FEED? WHAT LIFESTYLE DO YOUR CATS LEAD, E.G; INDOOR, OUTDOOR/BOTH ? LIVE WITH OTHER CATS OR NOT? HAS YOUR CAT HAD/HAVE ANY OTHER ILLNESSES AND OR STRESS IN LIFE? IF SO WHAT? WHAT AGE IS YOUR CAT NOW? OR WHEN THEY DIED? WHAT DID THEY DIE OF? So sorry, but your time in answering would be really appreciated! thanks so much! hugs and good health to you and your fur babies, Amanda, Tora and Angel Silver chan.
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