Hambone died yesterday. I've had Hambone as a foster cat since Jan 2004, when Susan brought me a couple of black FIV+ kitties (not FELV), one was Hambone. He had been in the rescue group for a year or two, was originally from the city animal shelter, obviously a stray, very friendly. Everybody loved Hambone.

Within the last year he developed high blood pressure, and was on medication for that. He was obviously old, maybe 17-18, though we couldn't tell exactly his age. He had 1 ear that seemed to have "stuff" coming out of it at times, and stopped eating at some point recently. He had some red spots above his eye, and the eye started to squint and shut. Recently he'd started walking around and sticking his head in corners. He got stuck behind the hot water heater, and it was very hard to get him out. There was something going on in his head, and the vet wasn't sure what, but it seemed to be causing him pain and disorientation, and it was getting worse. We helped our old friend to the bridge yesterday, told him we loved him, and thanked him for all his help. He was a great and beloved kitty friend.


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