In October I joined the group requesting information on hemangio sarcoma which 
my felv cat was diagnosed with.  Everything I read was bad.  He had the first 
tumor removed on 10-13-08.  It came back this time two tumors and they were 
removed on 1-6-09. This surgery was very, very difficult on him to get over.  
Then on 2-13-09 the vet discovered it had come back even more rapidly than the 
first time.  x-rays showed nothing in the lungs or spleen but the liver was 
hard to see though not enlarged.  This past Monday he stopped eating and 
drinking and I knew it was time.  The next morning  I took my heart disguised 
as a little 7 pound black and white angel to the vet for the final time.  The 
night before I laid him on the bed next to me and he stared into my face 
purring for hours.  The cancer had spread to his liver and I knew I could not 
stand for him be in pain.   Before I took him to the vet I wrapped him in his 
cat blanket and walked him all over the yard so he could see his ducks and feel 
the air on his face.  He loved to be outside.   So from start to finish he 
lived 19 weeks from diagnosis.  This is a deadly, aggressive cancer and I hope 
none of you experience it with your babies.   I had my little man for 8 years 
and 7 months and they were worth every minute.

Viky Digangi
Support Enforcement Officer II
Monroe Regional Office
318-362-5280 ext 297
Fax 318-362-3363

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