Hi Sue

The company that was originally testing the product sold it to Imulan. They
decided to go ahead and market it. Anecdotal evidence shows promise.  There
is a lady on another group whose husband is a feline vet and was involved in
some of the original trials. Although no longer involved in the studies he
continues to use it on some of the FELV positive cats that he treats. The
price went up considerably when it sold to Imulan. Testing is very
expensive, so it may never get the testing that one would hope for after all
we are talking about cats. Now before I get jumped on I am being facetious.
But we do know there are people who think that way. Personally if I could
have use it I would have tried. That being said I probalby could not have
afforded it. Maybe your vet can get in on one of the trials if they are
still conducting them.

Sally in VA
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