the original trials that showed promise were only conducted on 22 cats,
which is not considered a statistically significant sample. nevertheless,
the TREATMENT AID, as the company that bought out the product calls it, was
granted provisional approval (tho not by the FDA) as SOMETHING THAT SHOWS

the current "trials" they are running are not even remotely scientifically
rigorous--they are four-week-long marketing ploys. ask your vet to contact
the company himself and see all the secrecy involved in participating in
them, and then let him/her evaluate the protocol in terms of research
standards--i expect that will answer a lot of your questions.

there is no evidence that the product can hurt cats, and yes, there IS
promise--but if this particular one could cure FIV and FeLV as their
literature claims, they'd be engaged in massive, rigidly controlled
scientific trials on their own and with independent researchers to get it
out into the hands of those who needed it--perhaps even at a reasonable

lance can speak more to their deceptive marketing methods.

once again, not all snake oil is GOOD snake oil (look it up on wiki.) i
think it's immoral to take advantage of people's desperation.

MC, who'd really like this to be the cure, but sees too many red flags

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 11:25 AM, gary <> wrote:

> I believe there may be some people on this list (maybe it was another list)
> who have used it.  Some say it is working and some say it didn't work.
>  Your
> vet is correct, there has hardly been any testing done at this point.  They
> recently started recruiting people for a trial, but it was only going to
> last a month and that really isn't long enough.
> Seems I remember there was a list member whose husband is a vet and has
> used
> it and thought it was helpful, but I don't remember her name.
> It might work and might not and it is very expensive.  I wouldn't use it as
> a prophylactic, but I might try it to help with a symptomatic cat, if I
> could afford it.
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> Hello everyone, I am trying to decide if I should treat my positives with a
> procuct called Lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator. I believe it is made by a
> company called Imulan and they claim to have had some success with it. I
> e-mailed my vet with the website and he seems to think they have not tested
> it enough to be certain of any results. I was just wondering if anyone on
> this list has heard of it or used it and what you think of it. This is a
> link the the website that has it.
> Thank you,
> Sue
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