Catnip--not bad!  Haven't tried that one.  Whenever I think I've found
something that works though (and feel very proud of myself for finding the
"perfect" pill pusher-downer), they always manage to show me who is the real
boss by suddenly deciding that they know I'm putting a pill in and stop
taking whatever it was that worked.  I've used American cheese (makes a nice
little ball), liverwurst (ditto), ham (a little harder to roll up), pill
pockets (works for a while), wet food (in a ball), two treats squished
together like a sandwich with a pill in the middle, and on and on.  Of
course, groveling and begging and pleading sometimes works though I think
they finally take the pill just to shut me up.  And then of course, there
are all those pills I've found over the years, just lying around without a
mark on them.  I KNOW they're not the pills I was so proud of myself
about--I KNOW they sneak to the pill vial at night to take out some pills to
scatter around just to make me crazy! LOL

Christiane Biagi
Cell:  914-720-6888 
Volunteer-St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter 

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Hello- new to the list

As sort of a parenthetical to this discussion, which I confess I've only
read a little of, recently my housemate decided to try putting our Luc's
thyroid pills (which we've been shoving down his throat for years) into a
pinch of catnip in the palm of her hand.  I never thought this would work,
but he's been doing this for about a month now.  Even if he snarfs up all
the nip, he'll still take one extra snarf to get the pill in.  Goofy boy, I
love him dearly.

Diane R. 

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Grrr sounds so much like my Snuggles.  is beautiful to look at, loves to be
petted (for a while at least, not too much) but don't try to brush me or
give me pills.  i will slash you to bits, bite and swat you with my tail.
don't know if it has anything to do with it, he was a Maine Coon.  he looked
like it so took to a breeder and she confirmed it.  mostly, as long as
things went his way, he was happy.  sometimes a pain to deal with, but i
would not have missed my days with him for anything.  he is the one who took
care of my father.  the day father became ill, Snuggles went into his room
and would not leave.  if he called me in the middle of the night, Snug would
come and get me, then jump on father's bed.  he stayed with him for a year
and the day father passed, he left his room and never went back there.  he
passed away 1 week after father.  dorlis
---- Amy Ackerman <> wrote: 
> I appreciate everyones concern & thoughts.  Looking back at what I've
written so far, I can see that I haven't been very clear about what was/is
going on with Grrr.  I've been a little emotional these last few days!  I
took him in monday morning because he had been having a very difficult time
doing normal cat stuff- jumping, running, etc- saturday night & sunday, and
it was getting progressively worse as hours passed.  I had consulted with my
vet on Sunday about possibly taking him to emergency, but because he was not
displaying any very dramatic symptoms of stroke, seizure, obvious distress
or pain, we decided to save him the trip and bring him in first thing Monday
morning.  He had been losing weight, and it seemed likely that his weakness
was a symptom of whatever was causing the weight loss- hence the blood tests
that led to the leukemia diagnosis.  The vet believes it likely that the
weakness & instability are a result of a spinal tumor caused by
lymphosarcoma, and I believe that yesterday's dramatic neurological symptoms
were simply a progression from what had been going on all weekend,
exacerbated by the stressful hospitalization & long car rides- he doesn't
travel well either.  Grrr doesn't do anything easily except look handsome &
growl.  The cortisol shot was administered as an effort at pain management,
to see if it helped him get around easier.  Just got him home and he's
looking OK- a bit better than yesterday, and he sure seems happy to be home.
We have a very long term relationship with this doctor, and do trust him-
obviously, mistakes can be made, but I am comfortable with the treatment
Grrr has been given and the plans we have discussed for his future. I am, as
has been suggested, throwing out the calender- my cat seems happy, if a bit
awkward physically, and that makes me happy!  Amy
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