I completely understand where you are coming from, I currently have 8 cats, and 
although my house is large as well, with just my husband and I, it is a bit 
much for me.  I love my cats and several are special needs (I only have one 
FeLV+) right now, but just keeping up with the cleaning and getting them back 
and forth to the vet (due to work) is a struggle.  I've never had 8 before and 
frankly 5-6 is my limit, but I ended up having to keep 2 of my foster kittens, 
long story!
Anyway, try not to feel guilty, you are doing your part and each of us should 
only take on as much as we can handle, that way you will do your very best for 
the kitties that you have.  I wish I could handle more, and when my husband and 
I retire it's something I'm thinking about, but for now I am done.

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when you have to turn away FeLv cats because you rescued one to many, does the
feeling of guilt ever go away.  I was going to take a cat from NY but had an
emergency rescue of one who was going to be put to sleep. I had to tell this
person that I can't take the cat.  We are getting our last one from Indiana,
that has been planned for months.  I worry about being reported to the ASPCA for
having too many cats.  We currently have 13, plus 1 from indiana makes 14.

I wish I could rescue them all.  In 2-3 years, when we get more financialy
stable, we are going to convert a house that we are currently renting, into a
cattery so I can rescue more cats.  But for now we run it out of our home, which
is large, but is getting over run by cats.

Any advice or words of comfort is appreciated.

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