I'm so sorry to hear about Jonathan.
Thank you for being his caregiver for so many years.
Now he is free of illnesses and happy at the bridge.
He has been met by many that have gone there before him.
I remember you talking about him occasionally on the list.
As you know my ears perk up when I hear about anything related to the  
Siamese breeds.
You are in my thoughts and prayers!
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Jonathan  died on March 3, 2009 of undetermined causes.  He had recurrent 
colitis  but otherwise, his blood work and physicals were fine. Jonathan was 
 He was not FELV positive.  I adopted him at age 9 from a cat  shelter.  He 
was a polite, beautiful easygoing Ragdoll with Siamese type  markings.  He took 
years to warm to me as he was so broken hearted to  lose his family.  He was 
a lovely friend and companion in his last  years.

Thank you,
Anne in Michigan and FELV angels Nala, Jimi Too  Cool, Buggs and Simms
among other beloveds who are living and passed  on

Sultan/Startup, WA.
_ ( 

Board Member for national rescue.
_ ( 

(On The Road  Again)

Terrie Mohr-Forker

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