I am so sorry to hear about Johathan!!  I too am from Michigan!  I am currently 
living in California.  Are you on face book?  If so, look for Christy Stetler.

Thanks! :o)
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> Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 13:54:02 -0400
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Please add Jonathan to the Bridge list
> Jonathan died on March 3, 2009 of undetermined causes. He had recurrent 
> colitis but otherwise, his blood work and physicals were fine. Jonathan was 
> 17. He was not FELV positive. I adopted him at age 9 from a cat shelter. He 
> was a polite, beautiful easygoing Ragdoll with Siamese type markings. He took 
> years to warm to me as he was so broken hearted to lose his family. He was a 
> lovely friend and companion in his last years.
> Thank you,
> Anne in Michigan and FELV angels Nala, Jimi Too Cool, Buggs and Simms
> among other beloveds who are living and passed on
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