Canned has fewer calories than dry. A cup of dry can range from over 400 to
over 600 kcals. I was feeding dry EVO and I think it's something like 650
kcals per cup. Wellness dry (yellow bag) was around 450 kcals per cup.

A 3 oz can, of Petguard turkey and barley lite, for example is 88 kcals. 
Weruva paw lickin chicken, 3 oz can, is 44 kcals.

You can find kcal info on the manufacturer website or contact the company.

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My cats tend to be fattest on dry food.  They are thinner, more playful and
energetic on wet, and it is supposed to be a lot healthier for them (less
chance of diabetes, etc.), although it is painfully expensive for 5 cats.
Mine have severe allergy problems so I have to feed them Natural Balance
Venison & Green Pea.  I think special snackies are a great idea...

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